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Students participate in a senior project to gain hands-on experience in applying engineering and science principles. Engineering students organize into interdisciplinary teams to design and construct a senior design project as a graduation requirement for their bachelor of science degrees. Student Design and Research

For information about the annual Northrop Grumman Engineering & Science Student Design Showcase visit: Student Design Showcase.

To see a selection of some of our past projects visit our Student Design Blog.


Click here to access all the COE Capstone Design Common Topic Workshop Series.


Safety Templates:

  1. Every project completes the 'Template for Registration
  2. The project team then uses templates S1 through S11 as they apply to the project
    • Templates with no relevance to the project may be omitted
  3. Completed Safety Template packages are emailed, with appropriate attachments (not in compressed format) to:
    • Mr. Greg Peebles, Director of Environmental & Regulatory Compliance :
    • HSDC Student Project Director
  4. Also supply the Safety Template Package to your advisor  by the method they specify 
  5. Due dates:
    • 1st pass / 80% complete:   Friday 13Oct2017
    • Interim pass: Thursday 30Nov2017
    • Final pass: Wednesday 31Jan2018
    • Early submissions receive review priority