Engineering Systems

WelcomeDr Shaikh

I wish to offer my warmest greetings and a warm welcome from the faculty and staff of the Department of Engineering Systems (DES). With the recent introduction of the Master's program in Systems Engineering (MSSE), DES has become one of the fastest growing departments at Florida Tech.

These are very exciting times for us with new courses and curricula that address a practicing engineer's concerns. All DES faculty members have industry experience. They successfully integrate this experience with the class material. This makes our courses practical and interesting.

I know you will enjoy our Engineering Management and Systems Engineering programs. Again, a warm personal welcome!


The EM Program prepares engineers and scientists for leadership roles in business organizations.


Offer innovative educational products to achieve steady enrollment growth and pursue practical funded research.


  1. To provide engineers and scientists the skills to expand their areas of responsibility in the work place.
  2. To update the skills of engineers and scientists in their fields of specialization.