Engineering Systems

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What is Systems Engineering?

Systems engineering is a multidisciplinary field that assists in developing reliable systems and processes to meet technical, cost and schedule requirements. With today's global competition, products and services must be developed with minimum defects and risks. In the design and development of a system, systems engineering integrates all involved functions by applying proven tools and techniques across life cycle phases.

The masters (MSSE) and doctoral (PhD-SE) degree programs in systems engineering provide engineers and scientists the necessary skills and education to integrate all engineering and management functions involved in a project for its on-time and under-budget completion.

Career Enhancement Benefits

The M.S. program in systems engineering at Florida Tech:

  • Addresses technical issues faced by a lead or supervising engineer, engineering manager, or an integrated product team leader in high-tech and traditional industry;
  • Enhances the decision-making and problem-solving capabilities of experienced managers with systems engineering tools and techniques;
  • Permits students from all branches of engineering, computer science, mathematics and other science disciplines to receive a master's degree that is interdisciplinary in nature and;
  • Serves as a natural and high-demand career path for engineers and scientists.
    After graduation, the student may pursue a Ph. D. degree, or start or continue a technical career.

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