Engineering Systems


The Engineering Systems (ES) department is heavily involved in scholarly research and funded projects. Our diverse research efforts include statistical analysis of optics and optical systems, simulation and modeling, management science/operations research, reliability modeling, entrepreneurship and product development.

Each year the ES faculty publish several journal and proceeding papers Several faculty members are chief editors and associate editors of prestigious material and international journals.

Students joining the ES programs benefit a great deal from the faculty bringing their research expertise and experiences to the class room.

Dr. Arrasmith's research interests include adaptive optical systems, digital signal processing, computational electromagnetics in the optical region, optical simulation and modeling, and application of neural network and "smart" sensing techniques to optical systems. He is also interested in infrared detection systems, polarization sensing, multi-spectral and hyper-spectral imaging, spectro-polarimetric sensing, laser detection, and unconventional imaging techniques. Dr. Arrasmith is interested in applying systems engineering techniques, processes and methodologies to optical systems development.