Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Graduate Students

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Student's Name Advisors
Anderson, Eric Dr. Subramanian
Arshad, Muzammil Dr. Kirk
Bennett, Shawn M. Dr. Archambault
Boucher, Shawna D. Dr. Sepri
Brewer, Jared Dr. Kirk
Chandiramani, Jiten Dr. Kirk
Chen, Theresa Dr. Archambault
Chintalapati, Sunil Dr. Kirk
Cooper, Adam C. Dr. Fleming
Dalli, Dennis Dr. Kirk
Diaz, Steve Dr. Archambault
Dixon, Joseph Dr. Rusovici
Duflo, Garrett Dr. Kirk
Faure, Joel M. Dr. Kirk
Feys, Joshuo Dr. Rusovici
Garza, Myles Dr. Archambault
Gerard, Eric Dr. Archambault
Greene, Lindsay Dr. Fleming
Griffin, Phil Dr. Archambault
Holicker, Charles A. Dr. Kirk
Hyde, Patrick E. Dr. Fleming
Jarkey, David Dr. Archambault
Jiang, Hao Dr. Kirk
Kwok-Choon, Stephen Dr. Rusovici
Le Moine, Jerome Dr. Subramanian
Lisenbardt, Adam Dr. Kirk
Livesay, Garry Dr. Kirk
Long, Maxwell D. Not assigned
Louderback, Pierce Dr. Kirk
Maroun, Maroun B. Dr. Archambault
Mason, Daniel Dr. Rusovici
McQuade, William Dr. Archambault
Meismer, David Dr. Archambault
Mirji, Shreyas Dr. Archambault
Muehlen, James D. Dr. Kirk
Nugent, Keith Dr. Fleming
Parra Daza, Alejandra S. Dr. Archambault
Patel, Maulik A. Dr. Archambault
Penteado, Carolina Dr. Fleming
Pereira, Mark Dr. Kirk
Platt, Donald Dr. Sepri
Pokorny, Robert Dr. Sepri
Pollard, Alan Dr. Archambault
Raju, Pavan K. Dr. Archambault
Rethinam, Ray Hari Dr. B. Yang
Robinson, Peter C. Dr. Archambault
Rubano, Christopher Not Assigned
Schmitt, Kara A. Not Assigned
Seaward, James 'Nick' Dr. Archambault
Smithson, Dante Dr. Hsu
Stine, Joseph E. Dr. Fleming
Sykes, David Dr. Archambault
Trivedi, Purvi Dr. Subramanian
Upadhyaya, Pushpa N. Not Assigned
Valcin, Jean Dr. Subramanian
Vellinga, Thomas Dr. Hsu
Walker, Oluwatobi A. Dr. Hsu
Wright, Amber M. Dr. Hsu


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If you are a graduate student and your name is not on this list, the information is incorrect, or an advisor has not been assigned, please contact the MAE departmental office (Room 213 EC, Olin Engineering Complex, x8092).