College of Engineering & Computing

Harris Student Design Center

  • Opened in November 2015
  • Serves the College of Engineering & Computing with a focus on Capstone Senior Design Projects
  • Also hosts other student projects and competition team projects
  • Approximately 12,000 square feet
  • Capacity for 135 people to work
  • Conveniently located across from the Machine Shop

High Bay features:

  • Workstations with space for project lay out and construction, storage, and tools.
  • Flexible welding area with 'tig' and 'mig' welding, equipped with directional specific ventilation
  • Overhead crane to 2 tonnes for large project handling
  • Paint spray booth, featuring high flow ventilation and breathing air for one operator
  • Etch preparation bench with localised ventilation
  • Compressed air points along the high bay ribs on each side
  • Storage capability from small parts to warehouse racking

Corridor side:

  • 4 project rooms with flexible use for soldering, assembly and smaller project work & analytics. Also equipped with compressed air outlets.
  • Ideation Room: brainstorming and sharing space for project teams. Room lined with whiteboard walls, features a MondoPad and computer facilities with various design software offerings.