Electrical and Computer Engineering

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How many times a day do you flip a switch, push a button, start up a computer application, drive a vehicle or use any number of telecommunications devices? Today, more than ever, we rely heavily on our machines, computers, gadgets and devices yet we tend to take for granted the complex technology that makes them work.

StudentIt takes the expertise of computer and electrical engineers to develop the technology, processes, interfaces and delivery systems that improve the quality of our lives in so many ways. And it takes a great education to create those engineers. At Florida Tech, we’ve got what it takes.

As a freshman engineering student at Florida Tech you’ll hit the ground running, with hands-on activity your very first semester. Our small size and exceptional faculty make for an intensive and productive learning experience that will prepare you for success in the real world. During your senior year, you’ll take courses that employ previous knowledge to develop a system approach to engineering design.

LabOur main campus is located in Brevard County, along the Atlantic coastline of Central Florida. Better known as the “Space Coast,” it is home to NASA, Kennedy Space Center, United Space Alliance and many other companies tied to the national space program. Florida Tech is also located in Florida’s High Tech Corridor, home to more than 5,000 technology companies and the nation’s fifth largest high-tech workforce.

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B.S. Computer Engineering

B.S. Electrical Engineering