Electrical and Computer Engineering

Advanced Materials Processing and Simulation (AMPS) Group

Dr Susan Earles (Electrical Engineering) along with Dr Maria Pozo de Fernandez (Chemical Engineering) lead the Advanced Materials Processing and Simulation (AMPS) group. The group focuses on understanding the fundamental material properties of porous silicon and the use of porous silicon in advanced devices. Semiconductor fabrication techniques and related chemical processes along with electronic materials and materials science analysis techniques are crucial to the production of advanced devices. Weekly group meetings and presentations by students and professors highlight and cover these subjects.

Currently, porous silicon is being investigated as a material for use in hydrogen fuel cells, solar cells, and advanced electronic devices. Because porous silicon emits visible luminescence at room temperature it is also being investigated for use in photonic devices such as optoelectronic devices and lasers. The AMPS group currently consists of four PhDs, five Master's students, and three undergraduates. The current students come from Electrical and Chemical Engineering. Students in other departments with an interest in related topics are encouraged to email the professors and get involved in the various research projects. The mission of the AMPS group is to introduce materials analysis, synthesis, and characterization techniques to students in a research environment. The goals will be to stimulate interest in materials science by non materials science majors and produce publications to share our knowledge with the community.