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Electrical engineering research in fiber optics at Florida Tech is oriented toward both communication and sensing. In communications, research is being done to increase the bandwidth of fiber systems using a "spatial domain multiplexing" technique. The technique is being developed by Drs. Barry G. Grossman and Syed H. Murshid. Florida Tech has filed for a patent on the technique which promises to advance the science of fiber optic communications and sensing.

Dr. Grossman's research in fiber optic sensor systems was recently given a boost with the establishment of the new "Florida Tech Hydrogen Research Center". The center's creation was made possible with the help of U.S Rep. Dave Weldon and a $900,000 grant from NASA for the first year of the multi-year effort. The Center Director and Principle Investigator for the project is Dr. Mary Helen McCay. Dr. Grossman and his team is tasked with developing a fiber optic cryogenic sensor to detect hydrogen leaks. The design for the fiber optic cryogenic hydrogen sensor is the brainchild of Dr. Grossman and PhD student Sachin N. Dekate. Florida Tech has filed for a patent on the point sensor which provides simultaneous measurement of two parameters such as hydrogen concentration and temperature more accurately than conventional sensors.

Along with electrical engineering graduate students, a multi-disciplinary senior design team is working on hydrogen related projects. Speaking with enthusiasm Dr. Grossman said: "This gives students at both the undergraduate and graduate level the unique opportunity to incorporate state-of-the-art fiber optic sensor research into their education". He went on to add that the project will enhance Florida Tech's national visibility in research and education.

Dr. Barry G. Grossman

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