Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Graduate Programs

Master of Science Degree Program

Computer Engineering

The computer engineering program is committed to excellence in teaching, innovative and challenging research programs, and development of the finest faculty. A commitment to innovative research stimulates an excellent teaching and research program that allows graduates to use imaginative solutions to engineering problems.

The program offers opportunities for graduates to pursue positions in private research, development, manufacturing, government and other areas.

If you have any questions regarding the Graduate Program in Computer Engineering, you can contact: Dr. Carlos Otero, Associate Professor, Computer Engineering at cotero@fit.edu or 321-674-7242.

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Electrical Engineering

MachineAll master of science areas of specialization can be taken on either a full-time or part-time basis. A two-year projection of course offerings is available on request. Course offerings are arranged to permit the master's program to be completed in three semesters for full-time students and in two calendar years for part-time students.

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Doctor of Philosophy Degree Programs

Ph.D. Computer Engineering

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering