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Thesis/Dissertation Information Policies and Deadlines 

Spring 2017

Comprehensive Exam Information

Please see the following link to graduate policy (GR1.06) regarding exam eligibility and fee, if applicable: http://www.fit.edu/grad-programs/policies.php

Please see the following references to GRADUATE POLICY that outlines when the final program examination (comp exam) can be taken and the fee for exam if you are not registered in the term in which you sit for the exam.

 Types of Examinations

(Graduate Policy 1.6.1)

Final program examinations are required of all thesis and most non-thesis students.

Non-Thesis (Rev. 3/20/03)

(Graduate Policy

The examination may be either written or oral or both, at the discretion of the academic unit, and except for graduate policy “Non-Thesis Exception” number one, must be taken no earlier than the next-to-last full semester (not including summer terms) in which the student is registered for classes.

  1. The student must have completed at least 50 percent of the credits required for graduation before the start of the semester in which the examination is taken.
  2. The student must be within nine credits of graduation by the end of the semester in which the examination is taken.
  3. If the examination is not taken in the last full term in which the student is registered, then approval to take the examination must be granted by the committee.

Scheduling Final Program Examinations

(Graduate Policy 1.6.2)

An examination candidate must have grade point averages (both program and overall, if different) of 3.0 or higher at the time of the exam in order to be permitted to schedule any final program examination.

Written Examinations (Rev. 10/20/05)

(Graduate Policy 1.6.4)

For written examinations, application must be made by the student to the academic unit at least one month in advance of the desired examination date. Final program examination dates will normally be announced each term by academic units requiring written exams.

A candidate must be enrolled during the term the exam is taken or retaken in the case of a failed exam (graduate policy “Failed Final Program Examinations”). An exception is made for a non-thesis student if a separate examination fee is paid. Student accounting or the Office of Graduate Programs can provide information about this fee.

Application Form (turn in to department)

Deadline to submit application is February 17, 2017

Upcoming Exam dates:     

March 17, 2017 - 2:00pm - 5:00pm

IMPORTANT - 2 testing locations! 

Students taking the Computer Engineering exam should report to:  Room 121 - Skurla Aeronautics

Students taking the Wireless Systems and Technology or Photonics exam should report to:  Room 230 - Crawford

Computer Engineering Study Guide

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