Electrical and Computer Engineering

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ECE3111 - Electronics

  • Professor: Dr. Susan Earles
  • Course Prerequisites: Undergraduate level ECE2112
  • Course Catalog: Introduces diodes, bipolar and field-effect transistors; analysis and design of semiconductor circuits; single and multistage amplifiers; design algorithms; operational amplifiers and oscillators. Includes lab projects.

ECE4311/ECE5311 - Microelectronics Fab Lab

  • Professor: Dr. Susan Earles
  • Course Catalog: Hands-on fabrication and testing of integrated circuits including oxidation, diffusion, photolithography, metallization and etching. Students perform all process steps required, beginning with polished silicon wafers and ending with completed integrated circuits that are tested and characterized.

ECE5371 - Special topic in microelectronics

  • Professor: Dr. karthik Kadirvel
  • Toipc: VLSI Circuits & Technology

ECE5333 - Analog IC Design

  • Professor: Dr. karthik Kadirvel
  • Course Catalog: Design of analog integrated circuits using bipolar, CMOS and related technologies. Includes bipolar and MOS DC/AC models, fundamental single-stage amplifier topologies, current sources and bias networks, power amplifier topologies and opamp circuit design.


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