Ocean Engineering and Sciences


Our faculty is engaged in the study of coastal systems and their physical and biological drivers.  Project examples are vast, examples include:  the design of coastal structures, modeling and chemistry of estuarine environments, design and construction of marine vehicles, marine spatial planning, impacts of waste disposal, lightening research, sediment transport, the prevention and effects of coastal erosion, the development of marine instrumentation systems, reef fisheries & habitats, offshore engineering, larval biology, corrosion in marine environments, navigation and control of underwater vehicles, and additional research disciplines.

Individual faculty research interests are quite varied and cover a broad range of environmental problems and expertise.

Dr. Charles  Bostater's research interests include environmental modeling, water quality instrumentation, environmental planning, geophysical fluid dynamics, estuarine particle dynamics, physical- and water-quality modeling, optical remote sensing, instrumentation of marine physical phenomena, mathematical and numerical modeling, and estuarine and coastal physical oceanography.

Dr. Kevin Johnson's research interests include planktonic distribution, recruitment biology, larval ecology, and population dynamics of invertebrates with complex life cycles.

Dr. George Maul's research interests include oceanic circulation, physical oceanography, climatic and sea-level changes, satellite oceanography, marine meteorology, and earth system science.

Dr. Pransanta Sahoo's research interests include hydrodynamics of high-speed vessels related to resistance of high-speed craft, seakeeping, dynamics of multi-hull vessels and offshore structures.

Dr. Geoffrey Swain's research interests include corrosion, biofouling, materials, hydrographic surveying, and marine resource studies.

Dr. John Trefry's research interests include marine trace metal geochemistry, interstitial water chemistry, heavy metal pollution, hydrothermal systems, and global chemical cycles.

Dr. Stephen Wood's research interests include autonomous underwater vehicles, underwater systems.  In addition to full-time faculty, the ocean engineering program can draw on several adjunct professors, such as Dr. John Sainsbury, whose interests lie in naval architecture, fishing gear design and development of artificial reef structures.

Dr. Gary Zarillo's research interests include sediment transport technology, coastal and estuarine sedimentation, barrier island, remote sensing, and tidal inlet processes.

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