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Our Meteorology Courses are Always Small

One of the first things you will notice about Florida Tech is the passion that the instructors have in their subject areas. They are really excited about what they do, and it shows! Their passion manifests in the meteorology courses they teach -- through their lectures they explain concepts in a clear, and understandable manner. Small class sizes (generally no more than a dozen students), which characterize all of the meteorology courses, greatly facilitate and enhance the learning environment by allowing for personal interaction between instructor and student both during the lecture and outside the classroom. Instructors get to know their students in their meteorology courses and often get to know them personally as well. Our instructors know that getting to know what  their students enjoy outside of the classroom is important within -- providing valuable information about the individual student. The level of personal rapport between instructor and student here at Florida Tech is second to none at the university level. The instructors are also very accessible outside of the classroom and make every effort to help with questions that arise from the lecture or assignments, and provide guidance regarding career decisions. They care about your success and will often go out of their way to help you succeed and advance in your career!

Research benefits

An additional benefit of small size meteorology courses at Florida Tech is that there are more undergraduate research projects to choose from than there are students. Hence, not only will you have big list from which to choose from -- you can actually participate in multiple research projects during your stay at Florida Tech.


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