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meteorology ResearchFlorida Tech is one of the best meteorology schools for one-on-one research – with a small graduate student population. Florida Tech continues to collaborate with the local National Weather Service forecast office – receiving funding to establish a high-resolution system to forecast wave set-up in the Indian River Lagoon. Former projects include a NOAA funded project for wind and waves of the east Florida coast (for real-time forecasts see the FIT WAVE FORECASTS PAGE). A second wind/wave modeling project examined the impact of the 10 m wind field on wave heights in tropical cyclones. In addition to these projects, our faculty and students are involved in several active areas of applied research. We are collaborating with the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) on a project to improve surface weather station ‘metadata’ (i.e., data about the data, such as instrument height, location, etc.). Our close ties to the 45th Weather Squadron at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) ranks Florida Tech as one of the best meteorology schools (and schools in general) for direct industry involvement with our students. We also are working with their personnel to evaluate the National Hurricane Center’s Wind Speed Probability Forecasts. The 45th WS has a vested interest in the extended forecast probabilities associated with land-falling tropical cyclones as it is expensive to scrub launches. During the summer of 2010 our students and faculty participated in an NSF funded interdisciplinary project investigating the source of gamma rays in thunderstorms. Florida Tech meteorologists (faculty and graduate students) provided weather support for flights on board the Gulfstream V research aircraft as well as a mobile ground crew that chased the storms over the course of several weeks. Students and faculty appeared as part of a Weather Channel special titled “Lightning Strikes” as well as on the National Geographic channel. Despite its small size, Florida Tech is one of the best meteorology schools for field-work – offering exciting opportunities to all of our students!

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Florida Tech is also one of the best meteorology schools around for applied research. Our research, which can be found in the peer review literature, is quite diverse and includes: “A terrestrial gamma ray flash observed from an aircraft” (Journal of Geophysical Research); “The rarity of terrestrial gamma-ray flashes” (Geophysical Research Letters); “Evaluation of data reduction algorithms for real-time analysis” (Weather and Forecasting); “Evaluation of the National Hurricane Center’s Tropical Cyclone Wind Speed Probability Forecast Product” (Weather and Forecasting); “Thunderstorm characteristics associated with RHESSI identified terrestrial gamma ray flashes” (Journal of Geophysical Research); “The impact of high resolution sea surface temperatures on short-term model simulations of the nocturnal Florida marine boundary layer” (Monthly Weather Review); and “Real-Time, High-Resolution, Space–Time Analysis of Sea Surface Temperatures from Multiple Platforms” (Monthly Weather Review). Evidence of integrating students into our research is apparent in our publication record – all of our published research includes students – making Florida Tech one of the best meteorology schools for student research opportunities as it presents them with early career exposure within the scientific community.

When it comes to research opportunities, Florida Tech is one of the best meteorology schools as it provides a unique combination of hands-on experience, applied research, faculty accessibility, and early career publications.


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