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Meteorology InternshipsIn comparison to other meteorology schools – our region offers a unique set of meteorology internship/job opportunities. Albeit unpaid, the opportunities in the area include the 45th Weather Squadron, Melbourne National Weather Service Forecast Office, as well as the Orlando TV market.  Although these meteorology internships are volunteer – they are often a chance for a student to get their foot in the door. This has been the case here at Florida Tech, where one of our graduate students used a summer internship with the Scitor corporation (at the KSC) to advance her career – as a result, she is now working with a local company (ENSCO). The primary source of meteorology internships are television stations (Channel 9 in particular) – with many of our students working with Tom Terry – the lead meteorologist for Orlando TV 9. The main advantage of broadcast internships is that the station assists the student with the creation of a tape that can be used by the student as they search for a job.  One of our most famous interns – Cassandra Krimi – is now on air with TV 9!  Our proximity to a major media market makes Florida Tech an ideal location for broadcast meteorology –especially compared to meteorology schools in smaller areas – or for less hands-on programs.

National Weather Service SCEP position

Students interested in a SCEP position at the NWS – might think about volunteering first. The SCEP positions are highly competitive – hence volunteering can really help land a full-time position with the weather service. Florida Tech is fortunate, compared to many other meteorology schools, because it is located in a city with a NWS forecast office!


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