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Jobs & Careers in Meteorology

The definitive source for careers in meteorology can be found on the American Meteorological Society (AMS) web site under ‘Career Center’. They offer all sorts of really great information including current job postings, as well as descriptions of the various things meteorologists do. If you are a meteorology student and are not a member of the AMS – go here. Careers in meteorology have become quite diverse and range from “futures” markets on Wall Street to renewables (wind and solar). The AMS site allows one to create a “job-seeking” account, search job listings, post a resume, etc. The site also offers a “Career Guide” as well as an article titled “Challenges of Our Changing Atmosphere: Careers in Atmospheric Research and Applied Meteorology”. The site also provides a list of schools with degrees/programs in meteorology. It is a valuable resource and can help a student decide a career path.

Where our students are working

Our undergraduate students at Florida Tech have gone on to many different careers in meteorology including TV meteorology, hurricane hunting, National Weather Service, aviation meteorology, instrumentation, air quality, etc.They also work for private contractors such as Science Applications International Corporation SAIC. Our graduate students also have varied careers in meteorology including satellite work at the Space Sciences and Engineering Center SSEC (at the University of Wisconsin), and SPORT (Huntsville Alabama), and the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP, in D. C.).


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