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Atmospheric SciencesStudents interested in pursuing studies in meteorology may happen across 'atmospheric sciences' programs or colleges while others are specifically referred to as meteorology programs or departments. You really should not worry about the name of the program.

We cover your interests in atmospheric sciences and climate science

‘Atmospheric Sciences’ is something of an umbrella term used to describe a diverse curriculum that many academic programs have introduced and include the areas of climatology, atmospheric chemistry (air pollution science), aeronomy, tropical, and other related fields. Studying meteorology at Florida Tech provides a unique and well-rounded experience that is comparable, if not more broad in scope, than its national competitors – regardless of the name of the program or school.

Florida Tech has active funded research in all of the atmospheric sciences

The Department of Ocean Engineering and Sciences has expert faculty that have active funded research in areas of climate science, hurricane wind speed forecasts, wind and wave interactions, air pollution, and lightning (in conjunction with the Department of Physics). Courses in various atmospheric sciences-related areas are offered including climatology, hydrology, global climate change, air pollution, aviational meteorology, and space weather. Having such a diverse background makes Florida Tech graduates highly sought after when compared to students with degrees from other 'atmospheric sciences' colleges. Remember, the exact wording on the degree or program is not what makes the difference – its the diverse education and hands-on experience!


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