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Advantages of Studying Meteorology at Florida Tech

The advantage of studying at a meteorology school in Florida is that there is a lot of opportunity to expand your horizons on important aspects of the science. Being in a tropical environment, the hurricane season brings many unique opportunities for students at meteorology schools in Florida to not only learn about the science behind tropical systems, but to also observe, first-hand, the impacts of tropical systems on local communities. In addition, the tropical environment produces favorable conditions for the development of thunderstorms, so you'll get ample opportunity to be a real-live "Storm Chaser," if that is what you desire. There are also several professional organizations in this region that can help to increase your knowledge on weather impacts.

Learn about how weather affects NASA rocket launches

With NASA and Kennedy Space Center located just north of the campus, you can learn about shuttle launches and how predictions of the atmosphere determine space shuttle launches. There is also a National Weather Service office located right here in Melbourne! This creates a great opportunity for meteorology students to see how the day-to-day forecasting process works and, on a student scheduled visit to the office, you can go up inside the radar dome to better understand how radars work! These are just a few of the many things that meteorology schools in Florida, like Florida Tech, can offer its students. Come and check it out if you'd like to see more!


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