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What is meteorology?

What is MeteorologyMeteorology,  the study of the earth’s atmosphere, is a component of Earth system science. Beyond this, the question “What is meteorology” is a difficult question to answer with any specificity. The temperature, wind, and precipitation that we observe and experience impact, and are impacted on by, various scales. Weather, which is at one end of the meteorological spectrum, generaly refers to short-term fluctuations (less than a couple of weeks), while the climate is characterized by longer time scales (months to millenium, etc.). On short time scales - convection, cloud cover, humidity, soil moisture, etc. can all impact a forecast while climate is impacted by solar variations, volcanic eruptions, and changes in the ocean circulation.

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All of these processes and their coupled nature need to be well understood if the science is to move forward. This is one particular area where Florida Tech stands out among its peer institutions. While Florida Tech students gain a comprehensive knowledge of the science of meteorology, they are also exposed to a broad curriculum in areas such as oceanography, geology, space science, climate science, environmental science, atmospheric chemistry, and more. As a result, Florida Tech graduates well-rounded meteorologists making us one of the best schools for meteorology. Ultimately, “What is meteorology?” cannot be fully  answered without considering math and physics, the language of all science. Florida Tech’s outstanding math and science departments are among the best of any of the schools that offer meteorology degrees - providing a solid foundation that enables students to excel in their profession and earn the respect of their colleagues. So, when friends and family ask, “what is meteorology?” as a Florida Tech student or graduate you may respond in a way that may surprises them!


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