Ocean Engineering and Sciences Catalog

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This catalog contains current information regarding curricula, educational plans, offerings and requirements of the colleges and schools, including the Graduate School, and may be revised at intervals.  The provisions of this catalog do not constitute a contract between the university and the enrolled student.  The university reserves the right to change any provision, offering, requirement or fee at any time.

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Undergraduate Programs

B.S. Environmental Science

B.S. Meteorology

B.S. Ocean Engineering

B.S. Oceanography

Graduate Programs

M.S. Earth Remote Sensing

M.S. Environmental Resource Management

M.S. Environmental Science

M.S. Meteorology

M.S. Ocean Engineering

M.S. Oceanography-Biological

M.S. Oceanography-Chemical

M.S. Oceanography-Coastal Zone Management

M.S. Oceanography-Geological

M.S. Oceanography-Physical

Ph.D. Environmental Science

Ph.D. Ocean Engineering

Ph.D. Oceanography