Formerly the Department of Marine & Environmental Systems

Our mission:  integrate Oceanography, Ocean Engineering, Environmental ScienceMeteorology, Environmental Resource Management, Coastal Zone Management, and Earth Remote Sensing into knowledge-based solutions to vital contemporary issues through education, research, and service.   Most programs offer bachelor of science, master of science and doctoral degrees

Since 1966, over 4600 of our graduates have entered the above fields or related specialities.  These alumni are spread across most continents and work in approximately ten languages. The deep history of OES reflects an early commitment to the pursuit of excellence in multi-disciplinary education, research, and resource management.  

All OES degree programs are applicable to emerging specialities in sustainability, one of the more rapidly growing fields in the 21st century workforce.  Florida Tech is now leveraging our multi-disciplinary expertise to offer a leading-edge Undergraduate Minor Program in Sustainability.


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