Designed in cooperation with the university's Construction Industry Advisory Board (CIAB) to meet the high demand for construction professionals in Florida and beyond, the Bachelor of Science in Construction curriculum combines practical business skills with vital engineering know-how. The program prepares undergraduates to enter the rapidly expanding field of construction as competent and confident construction managers.

The construction curriculum is designed to prepare students for professional careers in construction and graduate programs in business administration or construction management. Different than civil engineering or architecture, which focuses on design and planning, construction is a business-oriented major for students interested in management, construction and land development. The construction curriculum prepares students to enter the workplace for both vertical (building) and horizontal (highway and civil) construction with sought-after technical, managerial and communication skills.

BuildingProgram Components:

  1. Engineering and Business Fundamentals
  2. Leadership and Management Skills
  3. Project Management Tools
  4. Oral and Written Communication
  5. Construction Methods and Tools
  6. Technical Electives
  7. Internships and Field Exercises
  8. Interaction with Industry Professionals
  9. Career Guidance and Development

Location, Location, Location

The construction industry in Brevard County, Florida, is booming, which makes the area surrounding Florida Tech's Melbourne campus a virtual living laboratory. As a result, construction students have access to a variety of local, ongoing construction projects, undergraduate research opportunities and internships. Also unique to the location is its proximity to Kennedy Space Center, Walt Disney World and countless high-tech industries. With an average temperature of 72 degrees, there is no "construction season" in Florida-it is year-round.


Students graduating from the construction program will be well positioned to enter the field of construction with little to no additional on-the-job training, prepared to start their careers as managers and/or entrepreneurs. Currently, about 80% of seniors from the College of Engineering receive job offers prior to graduation and nearly 100% enter graduate school or find a job within three months of graduation.