Civil Engineering

Prospective Students

StudentsA degree from Florida Tech is more than just an academic experience. Our goal is to provide both a theoretical and a practical education in the profession of Civil Engineering so that our graduates can enter the workforce with a minimum of additional training and a maximum of opportunity. In addition to our excellent faculty and a curriculum which is fully accredited by ABET, the American Board of Engineering Training, the Florida Tech Civil Engineering program stresses the use of internships with industry to add depth and realism to the classroom experience. Our academic program is supported by a number of professional organizations and by a Board of practicing professionals who participate in classroom lectures, provide practical examples of ongoing engineering projects and support our students with internships and scholarships, both during the academic year and summer months. Finally, the ratio of students to faculty in our program is extremely low, averaging about 15 students per class in the upper level classes. This allows our students to have an extraordinarily close relationship with our faculty, providing a dimension of access, leadership and mentoring which is impossible to achieve in institutions of a larger size.

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