Civil Engineering

PanditGreetings and welcome to the Florida Tech Department of Civil Engineering's web site. We believe that as a small department, we provide unique opportunities to our students to help develop them into outstanding engineers and citizens. Perhaps the best way to understand what we stand for is through alumni quotes.

Curriculum and Courses

The Civil Engineering undergraduate curriculum is designed to provide a broad education in all of the six main areas of Civil Engineering (Construction, Environmental, Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation and Water Resources Engineering) as all students are required to take at least one course in each one of these areas. Students also have the flexibility to gain further expertise in one or more areas of their choice through three Restricted Electives. You will find that almost all Civil Engineering courses are project oriented, designed to prepare you for the real world. The department has also designed unique courses to help students develop proficiency in leadership, communication and management skills which are skills that are highly sought by prospective employers. Students are also required to take electives in the areas of Business, Humanities, Science and Social Sciences. We also strongly encourage all students coming to our department to be ready to attain goals that will aid them in securing the first job or to enter graduate school.

Capstone Design Sequence

In their senior year, undergraduate students will be taking a two- course capstone design sequence in which they will be responsible, along with other team members, to prepare a real-world design project using all applicable codes. You can learn more about this two-course sequence here.

You can also learn about some of the senior design projects (Design of a subdivision, design of a school, and design of a ramp to the interstate) and also about the Steel Bridge and Concrete Canoe (designed by students) by viewing the displays presented in the Design Showcase here. Don’t forget to view the power point presentation on the same page.

Access to Faculty Members and Small Class Sizes

At Florida Tech’s Civil Engineering department you will have constant access to all faculty members and the department head. You will find that all Civil Engineering classes are taught by professors who will know you by your first name thanks to the small class sizes.

Industry and Alumni Support

The department also has strong support of the industry in the form of the Civil Engineering Advisory Committee (CEAC). A vast majority of the CEAC members are alumni holding responsible positions in well-known companies and organizations (click here). The Florida Institute of Technology also offers you the opportunity to receive at least three semesters of co-op/internship training, prior to graduation, via the ProTrack Program (click here).

Student Chapter Activities

At Florida Tech, you will have the opportunity to learn outside the classroom by participating in competitions sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Florida tech has a very active ASCE Student Chapter and nearly 25% of all students go to the regional competitions to participate in the Concrete Canoe, Steel Bridge and a host of other competitions. These competitions provide a great opportunity to develop communication, management and team building skills.

Faculty, Teaching and Research

All of our faculty members are registered professional engineers and bring extensive practical experience to the classroom. In other words, they “practice what they teach”. All of them are also accomplished researchers and are involved in exciting research projects (click here). As a result, even undergraduate students have many opportunities to participate in challenging, multidisciplinary collaborative research projects. All of our faculty members teach both graduate and undergraduate courses and have won numerous awards (click here) for their contributions towards teaching, research and service to the university.


Because of a strong demand, the starting salaries for civil engineers are steadily going up. A recent study showed that civil engineers with four years of experience are making approximately the same salary as electrical engineers and 17 percent more than mechanical engineers. The salaries are even higher for those who are registered Professional Engineers.

A Day in the Life of a Civil Engineer

Prospective students may be interested in knowing more about how a civil engineer spends a typical day, and may also want to know what our alumni have to say about their educational experience at Florida Tech. If that is the case, I suggest you read letters from two of our alumni who are also members of the department's Civil Engineering Advisory Committee (CEAC).

Come Visit !!

Prospective students thinking about enrolling in our department are invited to visit our campus. I or another faculty member will be happy to give you and your parents a tour of the campus and of our facilities at any time. The information on how to schedule a campus tour can be found here.

Engineering Summer Camp

Every summer the Department of Civil Engineering organizes a week-long Engineering Summer Camp. Please visit the web site if you need more information (

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Please browse our web site and feel free to contact me with any questions or additional information that you may desire. We appreciate your interest, and look forward to your involvement with us.