Civil Engineering

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Bachelor of Science Degree Program

The undergraduate curriculum provides the basis for a lifetime engineering education with a focus on the fields of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Courses in the technical areas of construction, the environment, foundations, hydraulics, hydrology, structures, transportation, waste treatment and water-supply systems give students the ability and confidence to begin a professional career and prepare them for graduate study. An area of specialization in Environmental Engineering allows students to pursue in-depth coverage of this subject at the undergraduate level.

The civil engineering curriculum is designed to prepare students for professional careers. During the freshman and sophomore years, emphasis is placed on mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering mechanics. At the beginning of their studies, students receive information about civil engineering design through a practice-oriented course - Introduction to Civil Engineering. Engineering science courses structured to develop the student's ability to solve technical problems are taught in the sophomore and junior years. Courses that prepare the student for engineering design and analysis are offered in the junior and senior years. These courses in the technical areas of structures, foundations, construction, hydraulics, hydrology, the environment, water-supply systems, waste treatment and transportation give students the ability and confidence to begin their professional careers. The curriculum provides sufficient flexibility for technical electives to be selected during the senior year within various technical specialties of civil engineering or in related fields such as ocean engineering. An emphasis in environmental engineering allows students to pursue in-depth coverage of this subject at the undergraduate level by appropriate selection of electives as a part of their civil engineering program.

The program includes hands-on laboratory and design projects to prove concepts and to help students learn firsthand what works and what does not. The Florida Tech civil engineering student undertakes a design project that involves consulting with engineers in industry and local municipalities. The curriculum also emphasizes preparation for graduate work for those students who are interested in advanced professional education.

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