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A day in the life of a Civil Engineer

Ever wonder:

Why Civil Engineering is an exciting area?
What Civil Engineers do?
What is a typical day for a practicing Civil Engineer?

Then, read below what Florida Tech alumni who are also practicing Civil Engineers, and members of the department's Civil Engineering Advisory Committee (CEAC), have to say about it, and you will understand why Florida Tech's Civil Engineering Department provides a quality education and helps build successful careers.

John Prowell , E.I., Project Engineer at MILLER SELLEN CONNER & WALSH

Herbert M. Raybourn, P.E., Civil Engineer at Reedy Creek Improvement District


“Due to the smaller than normal class sizes, the faculty is there for you. They know your name and are able to assist you in a very family style environment. ” — Don Woodruff (1986, B.S)

“Enjoy your education, enjoy your time with a faculty/staff that cares.” — Jeff Nelson (1987, B.S)

"The FIT (Civil Engineering) experience provides a sound foundation for future success." — Sanjiv Sivaramapillai, P.E. (1990, M.S)

 "The Environmental Engineering Master's Degree at Florida Tech helped me develop a whole new set of skills that I did not have, being an Industrial Engineer for South America. My professors were top-notch, encouraging, and good friends... the perfect combination to set you with the right tools and can-do attitude in this competitive world!."  — Carmela Bedregal, P.E. (1995, M.S)

 "The skills I learned at Florida Tech have opened a world of opportunity for me beyond engineering. While working for BRES I was sent on assignment to England for three months as the sole Structural Engineer working with the fabricator of an offshore oil platform (which I helped design). Currently I own my own business supporting US companies in Japan. Practically everyday I rely on the skills I learned at Florida Tech to conduct my business in an efficient and productive manner." — Larry Deem (1996, B.S)

"At FIT, I felt that I was a valued student. It is easy to thrive there because the professors really know and care about the students." — Angelena Vitter, P.E. (1999, B.S)

 "My first day as a student on the FIT campus was in the summer of 2002, as a graduate student after 15 years out of school. I was quickly impressed by the exceptional teaching styles. The academics were strong, but in addition to that the classes were small enough that there was personal interaction -- the professors really knew us. It was obvious that the professors cared about our personal success! I was highly impressed with FIT and it completely exceeded my expectations!." — Linda Madigan, P.E. (2004, M.S)

"I enjoyed every aspect of my Civil Engineering education at Florida Tech. The small class sizes allowed for an open classroom environment where I was never intimidated to ask questions to help me get through the challenging curriculum. This one-on-one professor-student relationship helped me get the most out of my education and established the foundation of a successful start to my career as a Civil Engineer." — Chris Weaver (2007, B.S )

 "Being part of such a close-knit Civil Eng. Department at FIT, there was such a comfortable feeling learning from the highly intellectual professors and also sharing ideas amongst highly intellectual peers. The ability to be in close contact with my mentors and professors gave me an advantage that I believe would not have been available to me if I had attended any other institution." — Troy Rock (2007, B.S)













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