Construction Management

Prepare for a Construction Management Career

Florida Tech’s Curriculum Builds Leaders

The construction management degree program at Florida Tech is designed to prepare graduates for immediate employment as construction project managers. Men and women are given specific skills that address the entire spectrum of construction technologies. From a foundation in physics, chemistry, mathematics and civil engineering basics, students are taught essential construction and business management skills.

These essential construction management skills include a working knowledge of civil, electrical and mechanical engineering methods as well as leadership, oral and written communication skills and ethics. In addition to classroom instruction, students take part in numerous field trips that provide real-world construction experiences that enrich classroom knowledge. Throughout their studies, students also participate in interdisciplinary team projects where they learn teamwork and gain the skills needed to formulate and build a construction project from idea to completion. These team projects give students the opportunity to experience and overcome the complexities of a real-world day-to-day environment similar to that faced by practicing construction managers.

Blending Engineering, Business and Leadership

Construction Management Degree

Students in the bachelors of construction management program must develop a broad understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of a construction management career. In addition to technical skills, they must learn:

  • Analytical Skills
  • Business Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Decision-Making
  • Initiative
  • Leadership
  • Speaking
  • Technical Understanding
  • Time-Management
  • Writing

Starting with the basics of engineering science and a specific knowledge of construction methods, coupled with a substantial understanding of business and leadership skills, Florida Tech students learn to analyze interdisciplinary problems, situations and requirements to complete projects on time, within budget and to high quality standards.

Hands-On Technical Training in Summer Internships

Students also gain first-hand knowledge through numerous practical exercises, team projects, field trips and working with industry professionals on technical projects. Internships develop construction leaders who are able to work well in a team environment and interact with clients and other professionals, Florida Tech’s partnerships with local construction firms provide opportunities for internships that progressively develop a student’s construction skills through "hands-on" learning in areas such as cost estimating, construction scheduling, quality control of masonry or concrete work, interpretation of construction drawings and inspection of field work. As a result, Florida Tech students develop a full range of key construction management experience prior to graduation, with skills in budgeting, scheduling, making payments and managing change orders.

Graduate Ready to Lead

Upon graduation, Florida Tech students are ready to embark on a construction management career. Their experience in a program responsive to current social, economic and technical developments in the field of construction ensures their ability to continually adapt, learn and apply evolving knowledge in construction methods.