Civil Engineering

Construction Management Research Activities

The research areas of interest of the faculty members in the Construction Management/Construction Engineering area are listed below. Students are encouraged to directly contact faculty via e-mail if they have questions or are interested in a particular area of research. Information about the recent publications and presentations of the Construction Management faculty can be found at

Dr. Junyong Ahn (

  • Construction project delivery systems
  • Construction project performance evaluation
  • Construction productivity
  • Construction project risk management
  • Innovative construction techniques

Dr. Albert Bleakley(

  • Reclaimed asphalt
  • Chemical soil stabilization (asphalt emulsion, cement, lime)
  • Construction contract management
  • Disaster response
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Dr. Troy Nguyen (

  • Renewable energy and power systems integration
  • High energy-efficiency residential and commercial building construction
  • Microgrid/Smartgrid development and integration
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) applications for rapid construction prototyping