Chemical Engineering

About Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering at Florida Tech will provide you with the experience and the background you need to handle any engineering challenge that comes your way. Chemical engineers are responsible for at least one aspect of just about everything any engineer designs, creates or builds. That's why Chemical engineers have the highest starting salaries of all engineers and scientists.

Here's a list of some of the things chemical engineers do...

  1. Responsible for creating composite materials, such as the ceramic tiles protecting the space shuttle at re-entry.
  2. Help the chemical industry comply with EPA regulations for the protection of the environment.
  3. Develop artificial intelligence systems to control processes such as the operation of chemical plants or the space shuttle launch.
  4. Combine the unique technical and economic background needed to carry out studies on the design and financial feasibility of new chemical plants.
  5. Work with medical doctors and biomedical engineers in projects such as the design and development of artificial organs and other medical devices.
  6. Carry out processes such as plasma etching of silicon wafers used in the manufacturing of computer microchips.
  7. Are qualified to work in the broadest possible spectrum of industrial jobs, ranging from oil refineries to the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.

Chemical Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology Is Nationally Recognized

Learn about our accreditation

In September '97, the National AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) Awards Administrator acknowledged the Florida Tech Department of Chemical Engineering as, "one of the most awarded Chemical Engineering student bodies in the Nation." Visit our Student Accomplishments and Awards page for a detailed description of our student achievements.

For an extensive list of first places claimed by the chemical engineering field and the Florida Tech Department of Chemical Engineering visit our First Things First page.

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