Faculty and Staff

Department Head

Ted Conway, Ph.D., Professor 

Department Faculty

Chris Bashur, Ph.D., Assistant Professor: Cardiovascular tissue engineering, scaffold fabrication and characterization, cell-microenvironment interactions, modulating graft-induced host response.

Alessandra Carriero, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Ross Davis, MD, Research Professor: Neurophysiologist and Neurosurgeon, application of stimulator(s) to the central and peripheral nervous system to restore neurological function following stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, and intractable pain.

Michael Fenn, Ph.D., Assistant ProfessorRaman spectroscopy, cancer biology, metabolomics, nano medicine.

Larry L. Hench, Ph.D., University Professor of EngineeringThird generation bioactive materials, including bioactive materials for regenerative medicine, load bearing orthopaedic and dental devices, intelligent wound care systems, and materials for sports medicine repair and reconstruction;  Medical photonics, including laser and bio-Raman based cancer detection and therapeutics, human cell based-screening for toxicology, pharmaceutical and biomaterials screening, and patient specific diagnosis and therapy analyses.   

Mehmet Kaya, Ph.D., Assistant Professor: Ultrasound imaging and therapeutics, cardiac and vascular mechanics, biomedical signal processing, bio-sensors and biomedical instrumentation, electrophysiology, computer modeling for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Carlos Martino, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Kunal Mitra, Ph.D., Professor: short pulse laser based systems for biomedical imaging and therapy of cancer/ tumor, bio-heat transfer modeling, radiation transport modeling, ablation of hard and soft tissues, nanobiosensors for cellular interrogation.

David Weldon, MD, Clinical University Professor: Internist and former US Congressman, Lecturer in human physiology and biomedical engineering applications in clinical medicine, health policy and government relations.

Afilliated Faculty

James R. Brenner, Ph.D., Assistant Professor: Electrochemical and fluorescence-based sensing using modified gold nanoparticles, 3-D printing of biological scaffolding.

Fred Ham, Ph.D., Professor: neural networks, biosensors, bio-signal processing.

Veton Kepuska, Ph.D., Associate Professor: human-machine interaction and communication, speech recognition.

Vipuil Kishore, Ph.D., Assistant Professor: Biomaterial development, cell-material interactions, orthopedic and comeal tissue engineering, regenerative medicine.

Samuel Kozaitis, Ph.D., Professor: automated feature extraction, image processing.

Razvan Rusovici, Ph.D., Associate Professor: modeling of hard and soft biological tissue behavior under static and dynamic loading, development of instrumentation for electromyography studies.


Maxime Michel, M.S., Laboratory Technician, 321-674-8446

Karen  Hart, Office/Student Coordinatorkhart@fit.edu, 321-674-8443