Biomedical Instrumentation-Imaging-Computational-Neural Engineering

Dr. Kunal Mitra is working on several projects including:

  • Optical tomography system using short pulse laser for early skin cancer detection
  • Minimally invasive tumor ablation using short pulse laser
  • Analysis of mechanical properties and thermal effects of cornea following femtosecond laser intrastromal refractive surgery
  • Analysis of light-tissue interaction for space flight applications
  • Fiberoptic nanobiosensors for cellular interrogation

Dr. Mehmet Kaya's reasearch projects include:

  • Developing innovative techniques and devices for the detection and therapy of cardiovascular / neurological diseases
  • Theranostic ultrasound contrast agents
  • Acoustic radiation force for vascular stem cell therapy
  • Computer modeling for diagnostic and therapeutic applications/ Human Patient Simulators